Marvel of engineering cut through lively neighbourhoods and razed homes

It also foreshadowed the devastation of busy neighbourhoods from Waverton to Milsons Point.

Work started the next working day. Within three months of the celebrations marking the thrust of the ceremonial spade into the ground of today’s North Sydney station at the corner of Blue and Miller streets, 34 houses had been demolished.

Building the bridge involved the destruction of as many as 500 homes on the north shore along the path of the new highway, railway and approach to the bridge.

Harbour Bridge happened on the corner of Blue and Miller streets, North Sydney, on July 28 ,1923. The bridge opened in March 1932.” srcset=”$width_768/t_resize_width/q_86%2Cf_auto/edfb3f326b3139cf1e2d7fcea49649533618bd61″ itemprop=”image” layout=”responsive” height=”1″ width=”1.777778″/>

The turning of the first sod marking the beginning of construction of the Sydney harbour Bridge happened on…

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